Single implants at Feel Good Dental

Single dental implants are a great solution if you have or two missing teeth. Our skilled team in Croydon have years of experience in this restorative dentistry, helping our patients enjoy a renewed confidence in their smile.

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The benefits of dental implants

Transform your smile by replacing one or more missing teeth with a natural-looking, discreet restoration that looks and functions and appears just like your original teeth 
Enjoy the foods you love by taking back the ability to chew, bite, and crunch with confidence 
A regular, natural tooth structure makes maintaining good oral hygiene easier, meaning less trapped food and build-up of plaque. 
Regain a youthful appearance by maintaining the volume and shape of your facial structure, particularly important after tooth loss or extraction

Restore your smile with single implants

Dental implants are an effective, predictable and long-lasting treatment, designed to mimic your natural teeth.

The dental implant treatment at our Croydon practice involves the placement of a titanium root into the jawbone, providing a stable support for a new, artificial tooth. 

A dental crown or restoration sits on top of the implant fitting naturally and flawlessly onto your gum. And because it’s designed to look just like your own teeth, no-one needs to know you’ve had this life-changing treatment unless you tell them!

The single implant process at Feel Good Dental

Common questions about single dental implants

Are dental implants safe?

Our highly skilled dentists at our private dental practice in Croydon are very experienced in dental implant surgery, having undergone extensive training and worked with many patients to help restore their smile. The dental implants themselves are made of titanium, a metal which is completely body-safe and biocompatible, and has been shown to integrate seamlessly with the body without any adverse effects.

How long do dental implants last?

At Feel Good Dental we use the highest quality dental implant materials for a superior, long-lasting treatment that is both cost-effective and delivered to the highest standard. Just like with your regular teeth, we recommend regular dental hygiene visits and check-ups with your dentist here in Croydon. Maintaining good oral health habits, including keeping up a consistent and thorough dental hygiene routine at home, can mean your dental implants will last you for a lifetime.

Does the dental implant procedure hurt?

The surgical placement of your dental implant is usually carried out under local anaesthesia, so you should be comfortable throughout. The most you may feel should be some vibration and gentle pressure. Feel Good Dental offers safe sedation for our patients who may feel nervous. Following the procedure, patients typically experience some discomfort for the first day or so. However, this can be effectively managed in almost all cases with over-the-counter pain relief medication.

Are dental implants difficult to clean?

Cleaning your dental implants should be no more difficult than cleaning your natural teeth. We recommend that you visit our hygienist regularly, to ensure your teeth are well maintained and to check-up on your home oral health routine. 

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