Caring for our nervous patients in Croydon

Dental phobia is extremely common, but that doesn’t mean it should prevent you receiving the treatment you need. The Feel Good Dental team is here to support you in managing your dental anxiety.

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"Delighted with both the dental and hygienist experience as they take enormous pride in their work"

Dealing with dental fear

Did you know that around 25% in the UK stay away from the dentist due to dental fear?

Things like needles, drills or the dental setting in general can trigger dental anxiety, but delaying or avoiding treatment can lead to bigger problems in the long-term. That’s why at Feel Good Dental we’re committed to helping nervous patients overcome their fears and to making a visit to see us an enjoyable one! 

Dental fear is common and while that means you can take comfort in knowing you’re far from alone it also means our team has a huge amount of experience in helping patients overcome their phobia. We’ll never make you feel silly and however dental anxiety affects you, we can help reduce your stress and worry.

  • Caring and relaxed atmosphere

  • Taking the time for anxious patients 

  • Unhurried appointments, moving at your pace

  • Safe sedation and relaxation techniques

  • Experienced, kind and gentle dental team

  • Visit our practice and look around before your appointment

Relieving dental anxiety

There are lots of reasons why patients fear the dentist, from negative childhood experiences, to a dislike of needles.

With the right support, our Croydon dental team can help you overcome your anxiety, and even look forward to your next trip to the dentist! 

Ahead of your appointment practise some relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation and let us know in advance if you have any particular concerns. 

We understand that some patients will always be more nervous than others when they visit the dentist, and not everyone can overcome dental phobia without some extra help in which case our highly trained team is able to offer gentle, safe sedation to make you feel completely at ease. Whether you have a mild anxiety about visiting the dentist or a crippling fear, we’ll work with you to ensure you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable throughout your appointment at Feel Good Dental.

Visit us in practice

Feeling anxious ahead of your dental appointment?

Come in to our Croydon clinic for a tour, meet the team and see our relaxed, comfortable surroundings. Our patients tell us they find this a great way to calm any nerves before treatment. 

Common questions about dental anxiety

I’m a nervous patient, can I be sedated to receive treatment?

Gentle sedation is one of the support options we offer at Feel Good Dental. With this option patients are awake and responsive, but will remember very little of the procedure. Your dentist will assess your suitability for sedation in advance of treatment. If you both feel it would be a suitable solution for your dental anxiety you will need to arrange for someone to help you get home following your treatment, as you are likely to feel drowsy for a short while.

How can I let my dentist know that I am an anxious patient?

It’s important to tell us if you have a fear of the dentist or are feeling anxious about treatment, so that we can help in the best way possible. Let us know when you are booking your appointment and we’ll take time to answer any questions and explain the sedation options available.

Is there anything I can do to help relieve my dental anxiety?

Have a think about what things calm you down when you're feeling anxious. Common remedies that help put our patients at ease include listening to soothing music, using a calming scent or essential oil or some simply deep-breathing exercises. If there is anything we can do to help make your experience easier, then let us know what works for you as we are more than happy to accommodate your needs wherever possible during your appointment.

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