Disguise smile imperfections with composite bonding

Our Feel Good Dental team in Croydon can help you achieve a dazzling smile, with high quality composite bonding. Our skilled dentists use the highest grade aesthetic composite to ensure your new smile not only looks great, but will be long-lasting too.

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The benefits of composite bonding

Rejuvenate your smile, by improving tooth shape and contours or hiding mal-aligned teeth to enhance your natural facial features
Correct and fill chips, cracks, or gaps in your smile while preserving your natural tooth structure
Minimally invasive, with no drilling required
Fast treatment that can be completed in one visit

Rejuvenate your smile with composite bonding

Sometimes referred to as cosmetic or dental bonding, composite bonding is an effective yet non-invasive way to conceal imperfections such as chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth.

Bonding refers to the process of applying, moulding and contouring a dental composite over your natural teeth. A highly effective way to make small adjustments to your teeth, composite bonding can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your smile.  

The process involves a tooth-coloured composite resin material, made up of a mixture of plastic and glass, being applied to the surface of your tooth by our Croydon dentist, and then shaped and hardened with a special light. The composite is colour-matched to your teeth, so the finished result looks entirely natural.

The composite bonding process

Common questions about composite bonding

Is composite bonding suitable for everyone?

Composite bonding is a safe and highly effective technique to improve the appearance of your smile, without undergoing more invasive or lengthy cosmetic procedures. The treatment is suitable for almost all adult patients, although your dentist will conduct a full examination and consultation with you before proceeding, to ensure it is the most appropriate technique for you.

How long will my composite bonding last?

When properly cared for with a good oral hygiene regime and regular dental check-ups, your composite bonding can last for many years. Many patients will require some minor touch ups after five years or so, to refresh their bonding material and have it looking like new again. 

Is composite bonding safe?

Composite bonding is a safe, non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure. As well as being minimally invasive, with this cosmetic dental treatment your natural tooth structure is preserved and there is no damage done to your teeth.

Can I whiten my teeth after composite bonding?

Just as with other permanent restorations of your teeth such as dental veneers, you can’t change the colour of composite bonding once it is in place. If you are considering whitening your teeth, it’s best to discuss having them professionally whitened with our at-home teeth whitening kits prior to having composite bonding treatment. Our team can then match the shade of your composite bonding with your newly whitened teeth.

Can composite bonding be used to straighten my teeth?

Composite bonding can be used to hide minor mal-alignments in your teeth, and can give the appearance of overall straighter teeth. If you have more pronounced crooked or misaligned teeth, your Feel Good dentist may suggest a different solution, such as Invisalign. Your dentist will always carry out a comprehensive examination with you, to determine the best treatment option to achieve your desired results.

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